LaCie’s New Rugged External Hard Drive Can Backup Without Computer

LaCie’s line of rugged hard drives can be found in the backpacks or suitcases of many photographers and videographers in the world. Their construction and durability have been proven for years as the ideal hard drive for on the go backups.

Today, LaCie just launched a new product line alongside their rugged drives with the introduction of the new BOSS drives. BOSS stands for Backup On Set Solution. This new line of drives will be a complete data backup solution without the requirement of a computer or laptop to facilitate the data transfer.

The newest drive is called the DJI Copilot in a nod to DJI’s line of drones and camera stabilizers. With the new DJI Copilot photographers and videographers can now copy their memory cards to a backup drive without the need to drag along a computer.

Leaving the bright orange padding for a new grey color, the drive features the same durability for which the rugged hard drive manufacturer is known. New for the drive is a number of features. First, there is a display screen to help facilitate the data transfers and keep things like battery life and storage space displayed. And though you may feel that an LCD screen will reduce the rugged nature of the drive, LaCie assures customers that the display is just as durable as the rest of the drive.

lacie dji copilot rugged hard drive connect camera

There are a few different ways to download images and video onto the hard drive. There is an integrated SD card reader onboard that will copy files from the card onto the hard drive with the push of a button. If your camera uses something other than an SD card then you are out of luck on the fact that this is the only memory card size that the drive accepts. On the plus side, you can connect your camera directly to the drive using a standard USB cable and copy the files straight from there.

In addition to the standard USB connection for cameras, the DJI Copilot also includes a USB-C connector for super fast connections with your computer. There is also a cable on the drive that allows for direct connection with any mobile device. It has multiple connectors for the cable so you can switch between Lightning, microUSB, and USB-C versions depending on which your mobile phone uses. Once connected via the cable, you can use the companion app to manage the storage files on the Copilot easily. With the app you can view photos and video, up to 4K, in full resolution as well as rename and delete files you no longer want or need.

lacie dji copilot rugged hard drive connectors

One thing that has always been an issue with standalone drives like this has been battery life. The LaCie DJI Copilot has a battery large enough to backup approximately 30 hours of 4K video. That amount of video will practically fill the entire hard drive, so one charge can last longer than most people will need. The best part about the hard drive is that it can also be used to charge your mobile device. When you connect your phone to it, the Copilot serves as a battery charger for your phone. While I don’t necessarily like that feature it could be nice for some people. I would prefer to use separate battery solutions for my mobile device and let the rugged hard drive keep all of its power for itself.

Currently, the drive will only be available in a 2TB model. That is a disappointment from the fact that they have larger rugged drives available, so hopefully a 4TB model will follow soon after. The drive should be available from LaCie sometime in the spring for $369.

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